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Become A Member of the PWB

The Professional Women in Building is dedicated to promoting, enhancing and supporting the building industry.  Almost all of our members work in all aspects of the Permian Basin building industry.  We take pride in supporting our community through our partnership with the Permian Basin Builders Association (PBBA).


Gary Kahler Memorial Scholarship Fund is an important project of the PWB, helping students from high school graduation to undergrad pay for the high cost of tuition.    


The PWB is a council of the Permian Basin Builders Association  whose purpose is to:

  • assist the Permian Basin Builders Association with business, social, and community projects and maintain an open door between both associations.

  • To promote goodwill, loyalty, and friendship among members.

  • To obtain a better understanding of the problems of the construction industry.

  • To generate scholarship funds and through such funds encourage students to pursue careers in the construction industry.

We are dedicated to supporting the professional development of women in the building industry through monthly meetings, seminars, charitable work and networking opportunities

If you are interested in joining, please submit the form below.

The Professional Women in Building (PWB) yearly membership is $50.00.

Applicants must be a builder, associate, or affiliate member of the Permian Basin Builders Association,  or be an employee or family member of a builder, associate, or affiliate member in good standing with the Permian Basin Builders Association.

Fill out the application form completely and click submit. An invoice will be emailed to you & a board member will get in contact with you.

You can also download our membership form.

Mail to:

P.O Box 60133

Midland, TX 79711

or Email to: