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Become a member of the PWB

The Professional Women in Building is dedicated to promoting, enhancing and supporting the building industry.  Almost all of our members work in all aspects of the Permian Basin building industry.  We take pride in supporting our community through our partnership with the Permian Basin Builders Association (PBBA).

We are dedicated to supporting the professional development of women in the building industry through monthly meetings, seminars, charitable work, and networking opportunities.

It is only $50/year to be a member of the Professional Women in Building. Being a member allows you to share fellowship with other professional women in our area while volunteering your time to help our community in the Permian Basin. Becoming a member is rewarding & is worth all the effort.

Applicants must be a builder, associate, or affiliate member of the Permian Basin Builders Association or be an employee or family member of a member in good standing with the Permian Basin Builders Association.